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Terms & Conditions

Menu Selection

This is based on seasonal availability, ratio of meat, fish and vegetarian, colour, cooking processes and variety of textures. We only use the freshest ingredients from nominated suppliers.

Most dietary requirements can be catered for, due to the necessary strict requirements we cannot provide Kosher food, however we can provide vegan food. We can also provide certain Halal products which are available upon request. We can also provide vegan, gluten free, dairy free, nut free and halal specific food. All dietary meals will be individually served.


A non-refundable deposit will be required of 50% to secure the service of Pizzeria Bufala. Full payment is required no later than 28 days prior to the day of the event. Full payment is required, less deposit.

Payment shall be made by BACS transfer or by credit / debit card (subject to a handling charge for credit card transactions). Cash will only be accepted with the prior agreement of the Supplier.

The Charges do not include the cost of breakage or loss of or damage to the Supplier’s equipment, tableware, cutlery or linen etc. for which we reserve the right to charge the Customer after the Event provided that notification of such breakage or damage is provided to the Customer within 14 days after the Event.


For Events booked at short notice, which shall be determined by the Supplier based on the type and size of event, the Customer will be invoiced for all Charges on signature of the Event Details or provision of confirmation of acknowledgement of order and shall pay the Charges within 7 days of the date of the invoice.

The Customer must notify the Supplier of final attendee numbers for the Event no later than 28 days in advance of the Event, as well as confirming all other provisional details such as any special dietary requirements.

Transport Fees

The Customer acknowledges and recognises that Pizzeria Bufala operates a classic vehicle which has restrictions regarding which road routes it can safely and practically use to attend events.  If you have selected a venue that is inaccessible for our vehicle (such as high speeds or inclines), an additional fee will be charged to the customer cover the cost of third party trailer transport.  If you are not happy with the fee, bookings can be cancelled and deposit refunded within 28 days of booking.  You will be advised of the additional cost within 28 days of booking. 

The Customer acknowledges and recognises that Pizzeria Bufala needs to purchase and import food and other consumables in advance of the Event at the time of a cancellation or a reduction in the numbers of persons attending the Event the Supplier may have already purchased the food and other consumables and may not be able to use the food for any other Event, or the food may not be appropriate for any other Event that the Supplier is undertaking or food will deteriorate or become unfit for human consumption if not used by a particular date or by any given ‘use by’ dates. Also when equipment and hired labour is needed to cater the Event. In the event of a cancellation or reduction in the number of persons attending the Event, we will still be required to pay for hire of equipment and hired labour whether or not the Event takes place or whether it takes place with fewer persons attending.

Under normal circumstances, 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation is sufficient. Events cancelled with less than 4 weeks will be charged in the following way:

14-28 days 70% of estimated final invoice
7-14 days 80% of estimated final invoice
1-7 days 90% of estimated final invoice

Pizzeria Bufala Ltd may terminate the agreement liability of any nature upon return of deposit.
Pizzeria Bufala Ltd will not be liable for consequential damage of any nature for any reason as a result of any act or circumstance beyond reasonable control including but not limited to, strikes, acts of God, fire, flood, accident or act of war. In the event of such an event occurring the Supplier shall be entitled to cancel the Event with immediate notice to the Customer and shall reimburse the Customer all Charges paid as at the date of cancellation less such reasonable preparation and administration costs of the Supplier and any non-refundable deposits paid by the Supplier to third party suppliers of services for the Event.

Supplier requirements
Pizzeria Bufala Ltd requires access to the Location for setting up equipment and services, ideally 2-3 hours before the Event.

Pizzeria Bufala Ltd and staff, will require constant access to and exit from the Location while they are providing the Catering Services. The Customer must ensure that Pizzeria Bufala Ltd can enter and leave the Location without excessive restriction.

While at the Location and providing the Services, Pizzeria Bufala Ltd will need access to an uninterrupted power supply sufficient to cover all of the needs of Pizzeria Bufala Ltd at the Event. To have use of a parking space and/or parking permit throughout the time Pizzeria Bufala Ltd and representatives are providing the Catering Services as well access to toilet facilities.


Quality Assurance
Under the Government Food Hygiene regulations all cold food should be consumed within FOUR hours of delivery. Hot food should be consumed within 2 hours, thereafter it is your responsibility when food which is left unsupervised by the consent of the client is NOT covered under our Public Liability Insurance.

Where the Customer chooses to supply items of food and/or drink itself for the Event, the Supplier will comply with condition to the extent that it prepares and/or serves any such items but reserves the right to dispose of or not to serve any such item if, in its sole discretion, such item is unfit for human consumption and/or displays signs of contamination or deterioration and/or cannot be demonstrated to have been stored in accordance with statutory and/or regulatory requirements prior to delivery to the Supplier at the Event.

All excess food at the Location at the end of the Event shall be removed and disposed of by Pizzeria Bufala Ltd in accordance with prevailing statutory food hygiene requirements save where such food or drink has been supplied by the Customer in which event the Customer shall be responsible for removing excess food or drink and empty bottles unless otherwise agreed by us.

We shall provide the Catering Services with reasonable care and skill and in accordance with food catering industry standards for hygiene and general cleanliness. The preparation and cooking of food and the handling and service of food, beverages, utensils and tableware. In compliance with statutory and regulatory requirements affecting the preparation, cooking, handling and service of food.

As we continually strive to improve the quality of our service we welcome your feedback. From your comments we will be able to improve our service. We value our customer’s feedback and will always follow up on comments.

Environmentally Aware
We are fully aware of the environmental issues that we all need to take responsibility for and wherever possible we want to play a role in helping the environment. Wherever possible we use local suppliers to reduce our carbon footprint. We also try to arrange deliveries together to minimise our carbon emissions.

Data Protection
We will process any personal data collected from the Customer for the purposes of administering the booking for the Event. We may also process such data to provide the Customer from time-to-time with information on other services that it provides and other events organised by us if we feel that it will be of interest to the customer. We will not give your details out to any third parties

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