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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

You can find some of our most frequently asked questions below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

How much does it cost?

Prices start from £12 per person.  Please see our Weddings & Events pages for detailed prices depending on package and day chosen.

How much pizza does each person actually eat?

From our experience, the average guest consumes 4 slices (2/3) of Pizza at an evening event. Therefore this is how we calculate our 'per person' price. Any leftover pizza can be boxed up for you or your guests to take home.

If I book 100 guests, do I receive 100 Pizzas?

100 guests would receive 400 slices of pizza which is around 67 Neapolitan Pizzas (cut into 6 slices).

Can we order more pizzas on the day if we have additional guests?
To limit food waste, we only provide the amount of dough for the quantity of pizzas you have pre-booked. Our dough takes 48+ hours to proof so it’s not possible to make extra on the day.

Do you provide plates?

Yes, we provide recyclable paper plates and napkins as standard. We also have aluminium-lined pizza boxes for any leftover pizza.

Can you accommodate allergies and other dietary requirements?

We can cater for most dietary requirements when advised before hand. We do offer Gluten Free bases however as we operate in a mobile kitchen and cook in the same oven we cannot guarantee that cross contamination won’t occur and therefore our food may not be suitable for guest who have celiac disease.  We are actively working to find a suitable solution for celiac guests for 2023.

How many pizzas can we choose?

You can choose 4-5 different pizzas from our menu depending on the package you have booked. These will be confirmed with you at least 28 days before the event and does not include any additional pizzas for guests with dietary requirements such as Vegan Pizza.

How fast can you cook pizza?

We can cook 3 Pizzas at a time in our oven which take just 60-90 seconds at 500'C.

When do we need to confirm final guest numbers?

When booking we will ask you to choose a number of guests so we can raise the deposit invoice. The final balance is then due 4 weeks before the event at which point you can confirm your final numbers. We will then adjust the balance invoice to reflect this.

What is your cancellation policy?

Under normal circumstances, 4 weeks’ notice of cancellation is sufficient however deposits are non-refundable.  Events cancelled with less than 4 weeks will be charged in the following way as per our Terms and Conditions.

  • 14-28 days 70% of estimated final invoice

  • 7-14 days 80% of estimated final invoice

  • 1-7 days 90% of estimated final invoice

Do we have to pay transport fees?

We can travel to most venues in the local area without issue however due to the age and type of our classic vehicle, it is sometimes necessary to transport our van on a trailer where the route includes inclines or high speeds (above 40mph). This will incur an additional third party cost which will be shared with customer within 28 days of booking. 

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